Prayer for Mercy and Love

All-merciful God,
  in our worship today:
Teach joy and peace as God’s love and mercy shared.
Caress the tears of our broken world through our lived out love.
Shepherd us in your mission of mercy.
Speak in our conversations about social justice.
Heal our broken relationships.
In our worship today,
change us, transform our community, 
and re-create the world through Christ, Amen.
-(C)2018, Nathan Decker,

Thank God it’s Sunday

Lord, we come looking for salvation.
We need peace, we need rest, we need a break!
Lord, save us from the constant doing and the forces that drive us to the brink.
We need peace.
Lord, quiet the voices of commotion that keep us in perpetual motion.
We need rest.
Lord, hold us in your arms to still our racing hearts.
We need a break.
Lord, we come looking for salvation,
(C)2018 Nathan Decker,

Prayer of Many Names

Creator, Father, Most High God –
There are so many names to call you.
Savior, Jesus, Christ, Messiah –
There are so many ways to worship you.
Spirit, Wind, Breath, Comforter –
There are so many ways to encounter you.
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Almighty, “I AM”
We come today to call upon you, to worship you, to encounter you.  Amen.
(CC)2018 Worship’s Wake, Nathan Decker.

Gardening God

Gardening God, who patiently works in Grace in our lives:

-till our soil;

-pick up the rocks of selfishness and fear;

-plant seeds of hope, mercy, and compassion;

-and harvest from us a crop of service in love.

Jesus, take us to your garden:

-Where suffering with you our sweat drops

–water the hopes and dreams of those in poverty, pain, silence.

-Where dying with you we join the compost heap

–fertilizing the blessings that generations to come will inherit.

-Where rising with you in glory

–We bask in the sunshine of your grace and love.

Spirit, lead us in suffering and glory to follow our Lord, Amen.

Prayer from Psalm 23

Lord, be my Shepherd.
Provide, lead, guide, show me the way to rest and to life.
Lord, be my Shepherd.
When I walk through the darkest valley, take away my fear.
Protect me with your rod and staff.
Lord, be the host at this table.
Set a seat for me right in front of my enemies.
Fill my cup, overflowing abundance and generosity.
Lord, be the host at this table.
Welcome me to your house, to be with you, and to live forever in goodness and steadfast love.  Amen.

Prayer based on the Ethiopian Eunuch

God was not ashamed to love me.
He loved so deeply with the waters of my baptism.
He loved so fully with good news of salvation.
Jesus didn’t mind that I was different.
Jesus didn’t cast me out 
but embraced me as a part of his creative diversity.
Come, Spirit, come!
Fill us with this unashamed love.
Come, Spirit, come!
Lead us to share.
Come, Spirit, come!
Let us be your witness.  Amen.
(C)2018, Nathan Decker,

Reflection and Resources for Worshiping God. Please feel free to use the resources in worship. I only ask that you give credit.