Improving Worship by Don Nations

I received this in an email and it was worth sharing.

Four Steps to Improve Worship

  1. Eliminate distractions.  Poor sound systems, flickering lights, burned out lights, the wrong date on the bulletin, uncomfortable seats, lack of directional signs, bad coffee, etc. all can distract people and lower the perceived quality of the worship experience.
  2. Improve transitions.  Poor transitions can make even good content seem disjointed and mediocre.  Watch for dead spots.  Make sure people are in place and ready to speak instead of waiting for them to come to a microphone.  Each element should flow into the next instead of feeling like a jarring turn.
  3. Align the elements.  Everything in the worship service should tie together.  Each service should have a clear theme and primary message which is being communicated.  Each prayer, scripture text, reading, etc. should further the delivery of that message.
  4. Know the target audience.  You must know who you desire to reach with the service in order to be able to effectively design it.  The target audience determines the language you use, the elements you include, the stories told, the announcements made, etc.  No service is equally effective at reaching all kinds of people.

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