“Waiting, Watching, Wandering, Wondering…”

On Christmas Eve, we always hear the Christmas story from Luke 2 in the old King James and hear the end of the Shepherds tale, “And all who heard it wondered at those things which were told to them by the Shepherds.”  I worry that we’ve lost our wonder at Christmas.

We get caught up in the commercial gift giving.  We turn all sappy over photos and Christmas cards that are shared.  We dress the kids up in a manger scene for a naïve nativity.  We stress over what to get people who have too much.  We try to remember words to songs we sing only once a year.  Yet, when do we get lost in the wonder of it all.  When do we stop in awe of the gift from heaven, the gift of salvation, the gift of undeserved love, the gift of Christ?

This year, my youngest finally asked, “Is Santa Claus really real like Jesus is really real?”  I told him he used to be.  Santa Claus, or St. Nick was a real Christian who didn’t loose the wonder of Christ.  A rich man, St. Nicholas gave all he could for orphans so that they too might experience the wonder of undeserved love.  Today, we also need this wonder, this amazement, this shell shock at the birth announcement of our King.

Take time today to stand in awe among your family, friends, unwrapped gifts, and undeserved Savior.  Experience in your prayer the glory and the awe again.  God loves sinners like you and me.  Christ came for the world.  Wow…


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