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Word of God

When we encounter you
We meet the Word.
When we open the book with an invitation to the Spirit
We read the Word.
When we listen with open ears, eyes, and hearts
We hear the Word.
And when we follow no matter how difficult
We become the Word.
-2020, Nathan Decker,

Be Still and Know

Even though we don’t always feel You, You are with us

Be Still, and Know I am God.

All around us is fear and hopelessness.

Be Still, and Know I am God.
You bring to us hope and peace. We trust in Your abundant love.
Be Still, and Know I am God.
We come freely, without fear, opening our hearts to God’s healing words of hope.

Be Still, and Know I am God.

-(C)2019, Nathan Decker

There is God – Responsive Reading

We have cause to pause and ask:

Where is God in all of this?

Our world is filled with ill news of hate, cages of control, powers and principalities of evil.

Where is God in all of this?

When a woman is told she can’t possibly preach because she’s not a man.

Where is God in all of this?

When the color of our skin overrules the content of our character.

Where is God in all of this?

When who we are born to love excludes how we are loved.

Where is God in all of this?

Dramatic pause…


There is God in all of this.

We can give the world the Good News,

release to the captives, sight to the blind,

liberty for the oppressed,

the time has come when You will save your people!           Isaiah 61:1

There is God in all of this.

Sons and Daughters will prophecy and preach!

The young will see visions, the old will dream dreams!             Acts 2:17

There is God in all of this.

All the nations, tribes and peoples:  Praise God!                    Psalm 117:1

There is neither Jew nor Greek;

there is neither slave nor free;

nor is there male and female,

for you are all one in Christ Jesus.                                             Galatians 3:28

There is God in all of this.

When our love reflects your love

There is God in all of this.

When our story becomes a part of your story

There is God in all of this.

When we share

There… that’s where God is in all of this.  Amen.

-©2019, Nathan Decker,

The Voice – Call to Worship

From across the sands of the desert came the still small Voice.

Gentle Wind, Breath of God, Holy Spirit

The Voice found home in the Prophets, “thus says the Lord.”

Let my people go.                                                                                          Exodus 9:1

Let justice roll down like waters                                                        Amos 5:24

     and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.

Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.                                                                                                                                                                         Micah 6:8

The Voice came among us in the flesh.

Just as I have loved you, so you should love one another.                                                                                                                                                         John 13:34

As we worship today, the Voice grows within us

in our praying, in our singing, in our telling.

Speak, Lord, for we, your people, are listening.

-©2019, Nathan Decker,

Lord Help Us Focus

Lord, help us focus.
There are so many distractions.
Lord, help us focus on you.
Housework, yard work, the project at work.
Lord, help us focus on one another.
Baby crying, kids fighting, parents yelling.
Lord, help us focus on your Word.
Smart phone, Smart tablet, smart watch, smart all!
Lord, slow us down.
Help us unplug.
Guide us to the stillness we need
     so we can rest in you and simply say
          Lord, help us focus.  Amen.  
(C)2019, Nathan Decker

Call to Worship

Faith is about
birth, marriage, life, death.
God wants to be a part of our live’s
choices, votes, spending, saving.
To invite Jesus into our heart is to invite Jesus into our
personal lives, jobs, marriage, politics, recreation.
Faith is about
Following Jesus.
Faith means
putting our faith in Christ.
(C)2019, Nathan Decker

Call to Worship Jesus Dreams

Jesus shared the dream:
The Kingdom of God come down on Earth.
Jesus saw a world where all had enough
Give us this day our daily bread
Jesus saw a place of reconnecting the broken
Forgive us as we Forgive
Jesus cast a vision where love overwhelmed hatred and delivered us to a new beginning.
Lead us.
Jesus share your dreams today.
(C)2019, Nathan Decker

Worship for First Sunday of Lent 2019 “Temptation”

Call to Worship by Nathan Decker

God, we hunger for a word of guidance from you.

The desert winds have dried up our springs of hope.

The stones look like bread, and we throw them at the needy in our disillusion.

Our leap of faith suddenly feels like a fall from grace.

We have worshiped power.

We have failed to love one another.

We have failed to hear one another.

We have failed you.

But you Christ faced these temptations.

You refuted the twisting of scriptures.

You denied trusting in false hope.

You stood firm against the easy road.

Oh, God forgive us

and lead us to the love of Christ on the Cross.


Morning Prayer by Nathan Decker

Christ who came as God in the flesh

and faced down the temptations:

                Lead us to the true bread of love so that all are fed.

                Lead us to leap in our love of God and Neighbor so that all are welcome.

                Lead us to fall down and worship you instead of power.

For you gave up the power of heaven,

For you were unwelcome among us on earth,

For you were hungry and left to die.

Christ who came as God in the flesh

help us face down the temptations you have conquered.  Amen.

(C)2019, Nathan Decker,

Call to Worship Psalm 100

—-Call to Worship adapted from Psalm 100—-
On your feet now, let’s give God a round of applause!
<Congregation Claps>
Bring God your joy.
Let God know you appreciate his presence.
Hear our Songs!
We love you GOD!
Know this:  God is God.
God made us, we didn’t make him.
We’re God’s people.  We the Shepherd’s sheep.
There is only one way to enter into God’s presence:
We come with a Spirit of Thanksgiving.
Thank you God!  Make your home inside our giving thanks!
Worship God.
For God is sheer beauty,
an overwhelming generosity of love,
faithful forever and ever.
(C) 2018 Nathan Decker,

Welcome Home – Call To Worship for Homecoming Sunday

Welcome Home

Home is not a building or a place we meet.

Home is not just where we came from.

Home is more than people and memories.

Home is more than sentimentality or traditions.

Home is toys on the floor.

Home is a mess in the kitchen.

Home is a welcome at the door.

Home is a hug of acceptance.

Home is the laughter around the table, bread and cup.

Home is remembering promises made in water and spirit.

Home is seeing where God is leading us

And going there together.

Welcome home to High Street UMC

where we welcome children, care for each other, and learn how to love.

Welcome Home.

Where we are better together.  Amen.

(C)2018 Nathan Decker,