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Here I am…forever yours

Vows for a Wedding

Here I stand. 

I stand behind you in support.

I stand beside you in the toughest moments you will ever face. 

I stand in front of you to defend you from harm. 

Here I sit. 

I sit by the phone waiting for you to call. 

I sit at the table sharing a meal and sharing life. 

I sit in your cheering section, with your family grieving, and at hospital bedside, waiting. 

Here I kneel. 

I kneel to pick you up when you fall down. 

I kneel to pray in your behalf to God.

I kneel to ask you to marry me.

Here I am… forever yours.


Marriage Vows Renewal February 2015

To Congregation:

Friends, we gather as one in the sight of God

to witness and bless the continuing faithfulness of these couples.


To Couples:

Strangers once, today you are together.

You are independent individuals apart,

and yet you like Christ have given yourselves

selflessly and steadfastly to one another

to become one in life and love.

God is love.

Just as Christ gave himself as a bride groom for the Church,

so you have died to self and live in God’s love.


I ask you now in the presence of God and these witnesses:

Will you continue to live together in holy marriage?

Will you love one another in kindness and patience?

Will you forgive one another’s mistakes?

Will you seek the best for each other and not self?

Will you choose each day to uniquely love this one and no other?

 Couples:  I will.


To the Congregation:

Church, they’ve promised to be love in a world of apathy and hatred.

They ask for your blessing and help.

Will you, by God’s grace, lift them up in prayer,

give them words of encouragement,

and be an example of Christ’s love for them to follow?

 Congregation:  We will!  We see God’s love in you!


To the Couples:

Repeat after me…

In the name of the One Love,

I choose you again to be my partner in life,

to have and to hold

just as in days past, in days to come,

we’ve seen the good and the bad,

we’ll see better,

we’ve been poor, we’ve been rich,

we’ll always have one another,

I’ll celebrate your good health,

and I’ll be there for you at your dying breath, 

I love and cherish you till then,

This is and will always be my promise.  Amen.

To the Couples:

You have declared your love

and you have promised to strive for a love that is like Christ’s.

May God keep you in your promise and fill you both with grace.

You may now kiss one another in love.

To the Congregation:

Friends, see that there are glimpses of God’s love in this world!

Share love with one another that strangers may find you generous friends.

Go to serve God and neighbor in all that you do!  Amen.