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Prayer to the Word

Word in the flesh,

who is within our hearts waiting to be shared on our lips:

Parse our actions,

Translate our misguided love,

and Write your story in our lives

so we can be one:

One as a book of humanity,

One as a chapter of the Church,

One as a sentence moment in which you are both subject and verb.

One Word.

In the name of the Eternally Speaking and yet often unheard Lord, Amen.

Call to Worship based on the Lord’s Prayer

As we gather today, we call you
Our Father, who art in Heaven,
As we gather today, we lift up who you are and what you represent
hallowed be your name
As we gather today, We seek your ways, not our own
Your Kingdom come, your will be done…
As we gather today, we say sorry to you and one another
Forgive us as we forgive…
As we gather today, we need you.
Give us this day our daily bread,
Lead us away from temptation,
Deliver us from Evil.
As we gather today, we pray.

Prayer of Thanks

Today we give thanks

                                   for Sunsets and Sunrises

                                   for tears and smiles

                                   for expected moments and surprises

                   Jesus, thank you and help us

                                   to be a people of daylight

                                   to share our highs and lows

                                                and to live today in thanks, Amen.