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Morning Prayer for John 20

Our Crucified and Risen Savior:

Gather us in to worship today.

Welcome hurting hearts,

Receive our brokenness,

Accept our differences and

Push us to do the same.

Wrap your loving arms around us

so that in our doubts,

in our disabilities,

and in our despair we find you:

Our Crucified and Risen Savior, Amen.


Because – Call to Worship for Second Sunday of Easter 2015

Because of the Darkness

We can see the Light.

                   Because of the Doubting

We begin to Believe.

                   Because of the Pain and Suffering

We become Your Hands.

                   Because of the Injustice and Broken Systems

We rise up with Voice.

                   Because of Your Selfless Life and Sacrifice

We can overcome Sin and Death.

                   Because of Who You Are

We know Who We Can Be.

                   Because of What You’ve Done

We can Be Free.

-(C)2015, Nathan Decker, Worship’s Wake