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Baptism of our Lord Sunday 2018

God calls us to the Waters.

to find our place in the body of the Church

to do the work of God’s salvation of creation

to be given new birth, new heart, new vision.

All this is God’s gift, offered to us without price.

Free but not Cheap.

A Gift to be Shared.

God calls us to the Waters.

Remember you baptism and be thankful.


Call to Worship for Baptism of Our Lord 2017

We are marked by sin from birth.

Just as greedy and dirty as a clump of sod.

We are marked by sin in life.

Just as selfish and muddy as a worm.

But something has changed, someone changed…

God loved us.  God changed us.

God’s love is a free gift to us, always and forever.

Wash us, Free us, Change us!

We are marked as God’s beloved.

We have done nothing to earn this!

We are marked as God’s people.

We will live as God’s disciples!

Prayer for the 75th Anniversary of Alexandria District (2015)

O God, our help in ages past:

We gather in time to celebrate your ripening Kingdom.

Thank you for your steadfast love

Upon, within, without, and through our ministry as the people called United Methodist around Alexandria District.*

Thank you for dancing here with us who lived here first,

who planted not only corn but also roots of a deep spirituality.

Thank you for your abiding with us on the long journey across the ocean;

Both Settler and Slave found new beginnings and freedom on this soil.

Thank you for guiding us to grow more diverse

So that we truly reflect the many hues of your love.

You are our Hope for Years to Come:

Our hope when the Nation was born and Circuit Riders spread the Good News.

Our hope when the Nation was torn and Church spires helped point the way to Heaven.

Our hope when rural pastures became suburbs and the Body of Christ became our family and

home away from home.

Our hope in the coming days when revitalization and resurrection reign!

O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come

Be our Guide, our Shepherd, our New Beginning and our Eternal Home.  Amen.


By Nathan Decker, adapted from Isaac Watts

Special thanks to Keiko Foster for inviting me to write for this event.  *Please feel free to edit the underlined portion to use for you own celebration of ministry.  


Because – Call to Worship for Second Sunday of Easter 2015

Because of the Darkness

We can see the Light.

                   Because of the Doubting

We begin to Believe.

                   Because of the Pain and Suffering

We become Your Hands.

                   Because of the Injustice and Broken Systems

We rise up with Voice.

                   Because of Your Selfless Life and Sacrifice

We can overcome Sin and Death.

                   Because of Who You Are

We know Who We Can Be.

                   Because of What You’ve Done

We can Be Free.

-(C)2015, Nathan Decker, Worship’s Wake

I am a Slave (Prayer of Confession with Pardon)

I am a Slave.  I am not free.

I do not love God above all. 

I do not love my neighbor. 

I do not care for the garden.

                  I love wealth that I did not earn.

                  I love pleasure.  I love self.

                  I love being right more than learning or teaching.

                  I love to make a living more than making life possible.

                  I love to coldly dissect rather than to be astonished in awe.

                  I love worship so long as it does not require sacrifice or change.

                  I love and live lies so that I can be better liked and elected.

                  I am a Slave.  I am not free.

                  Lord, Jesus!  Break these chains of sin. 

                  Free me so I can joyfully follow your way!  Amen.

                                  a time of silence…

                  Sisters and Brothers, Be Free!

Christ died for us while we were still sinners.  God loves us!

In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven and free!

In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven and free!

                  Glory to God!


-(CC) 2014 Nathan Decker, www.worshipswake.wordpress.com