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Prayer for Dreams

Lord of Vision through night and day:
Our nights and days are filled with nightmares
where hatred divides and differences are highlighted to exclude.
Give us dreams.
Fill our minds with insights into a bright future.
Fill our hearts with love to reach out to one another.
Fill our souls with your promises and your presence.
All because of Christ who died, Christ who is risen, and Christ who comes again.  Amen.

Morning Prayer of Service

Jesus, you told us we serve you
when we clothe the naked
feed the hungry
and visit those sick or in prison.
Empower us to serve the least of these.
Enlarge your love in our hearts.
Emerge within our service in your name, Amen.


(C)2018 Nathan Decker, Worshipswake.wordpress.com

Call to Worship for a better reading of Scripture

Lord, Call the Wise:
show us our foolishness.
Lord, Call the Knowledgeable:
show us that we do not have all the answers.
Lord, Call the Bumper-Sticker Theologians,
those of us with quick, quaint sayings for every occasion:
show us how shallow we are when we speak easy
without you in our heart, mind, and soul.
Lord, Call us to Unlearn our way
Show us Your Way
Lead us Your Way
Teach us You are the Way.

Prayer for Our Church – Carpenter image

Jesus, Carpenter of our hearts,

you who nail our sin

and cut away our pride:

Rehab our meeting tonight.

Level our thoughts in Your Kingdom.

Square the Mission into our agenda

so that you again stand out as the cornerstone,

for our church is falling apart.

We sink in sands of disrespect and

We are tearing each other apart with crow-bar words.

Measure us among your people again

through the carpenter’s son, Jesus, Amen.


Special thanks to the Lay Servant Class “Leading Prayer” that I taught in February 2015.  The Spirit used them to help me create this.


(C)2015 by Nathan Decker, worshipswake.wordpress.com

Love (Call to Worship from Matthew 22:34-40)


A small word, should be easy to be and do.

Love God.

Oh, that’s easy.  I’ll pray to you to ask you what I need.

I may even show up once in a while in Church to worship you.


You keep saying that, am I getting it wrong?

Love Neighbor.

I love all my neighbors. 

We get along great as long as we all stay within our property lines.


I don’t think that is such a small word.

Not easy to be.  Not easy to do.

Love God.

I’m trying Lord, forgive my distractions and idols.

Love Neighbor.

Help me see the invisible, those in pain, those in need.


Love with all our Heart and Soul and Mind.


Love.  Amen.

-©2014 Nathan Decker, www.worshipswake.wordpress.com

Hide and Seek Prayer

Within the heavens,

Within the moments of coincidence,

Within the intricacies of theology and science,

Within the mystery and the unknown,

and within the heavy emotions and heart-felt convictions:

Lord, we seek you.

Yet, you are on earth – revealed through your creation,

You are in the ordinary and everyday unnoticed and unrecognized,

You are in the spaces beyond knowledge and yet in plain sight,

and you are seen and felt more in our actions of hope and love

than our reactions of devotion or internal chemistry:

Lord, reveal to us.

Within the busy-ness of bees,

Within the ringtones of notifications,

Within the individualism and self-reliance,

Within the selfishness of pride and the self-righteousness of pain,

and within the our day to day ignorance:

Lord, seek us.

Wonderful Jesus, as we play hide and seek together,

Increase our faith and faithfulness this day.  Amen.

-(CC) 2014 Nathan Decker, www.worshipswake.wordpress.com