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Call to Worship based on Luke 15:11-32

We are lost sheep,
so God seeks and saves the lost.
We are a lost coin,
so God searches and rejoices when we are found.
We are the wayward son and daughter
so God welcomes us, and lets the past be the past.
We are the elder sibling, standing outside,
but God welcomes us in, challenges us to join
in this radical hospitality.
Let us receive and welcome and rejoice over one another in the name of Jesus Christ.

Call to Worship Hospitality (Based on Mark 6:7-13)

People who follow Jesus,

Here are your instructions:

Take Nothing

for your journeyand trust in me that you will Give Something.

Wear Simple Sandals

and not the latest and greatest fashion.

Carry with you only what you need for a day.

While the journey will be long, you need to depend on me.

If any place does not welcome you, Don’t Worry about it.

Shake it off.

There are places you need to welcome.

Hospitality is what I am sending you to show.

-©2014 Nathan Decker, Worship’s Wake

Isaiah 56:1-8 (Call to Worship)

Lord, We come as Dead Trees.

We bare no fruit.  We have no ability to create life apart from you.

Lord, We come as Strangers in a Strange Land.

Not one of us is originally from here.

Our ancestors came chasing herds, by accident, in hope,

by oppression, and in chains.

But Lord, We are here.

Plant us firmly in your rich soil.  Help us sprout goodness and mercy!

Lord, We are here.

Let us open the doors to the House of the Lord and Welcome All!

-(CC) 2014 Nathan Decker, www.worshipswake.wordpress.com