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Gardening God

Gardening God, who patiently works in Grace in our lives:

-till our soil;

-pick up the rocks of selfishness and fear;

-plant seeds of hope, mercy, and compassion;

-and harvest from us a crop of service in love.

Jesus, take us to your garden:

-Where suffering with you our sweat drops

–water the hopes and dreams of those in poverty, pain, silence.

-Where dying with you we join the compost heap

–fertilizing the blessings that generations to come will inherit.

-Where rising with you in glory

–We bask in the sunshine of your grace and love.

Spirit, lead us in suffering and glory to follow our Lord, Amen.


Morning Prayer based on Genesis 28

Lord who holds every place within you:

You are in this place and we did not know it.

We came with hurting hearts and anguish

from the journey in the past.

We came with shaky thoughts and anxiousness

for the journey ahead.


Come, whisper your words of forgiveness

to us and through us.

Come, loosen the stress in our minds and muscles.

Come, give us rest and dreams to inspire.



Prayer for God not to Forget

Lord, you know how busy we are.
We have work.  We have bills.
We have family.  We have friends.
We need a vacation from our vacations.
Not to mention all the ways we are busy serving
on committees, as volunteers, as servants.
Lord, you know how busy we are,
If we forget you, please do not forget us.  Amen.
-based on prayer of Sir Jacob Astley

Lord Protect Us From the Storms

While teaching some students “Leading Prayer” at the Lay Servant Academy at Blackstone, one table group wrote this beautiful litany…

Lord protect us from the storms by Cathie Johnson, Audrey Lewis, Bob Goodwin, and Wanda Lee Smith.  (CC) 2016 worshipswake.wordpress.com

We hear the thunder sounds of the heavens being torn apart.

Lord protect us from the storms.

Anxiety rises as the weather advisories become a reality.

Lord protect us from the storms.

The rivers rise into the roads.

Lord protect us from the storms.

Rains and winds ravaged over the lost lives of many.

Lord protect us from the storms.

Heartache and pain now fill lives with sorrow and despair.

Lord protect us from the storms.

Give us hearts for those who need to share their needs.

Lord protect us from the storms.

We are buffeted from all sides with temptation.

Lord protect us from the storms.

We live in a fallen world.

Lord protect us from the storms.

You alone are our shelter.

Lord protect us from the storms.

Litany for Domestic Violence Awareness

Lord, as we gather this morning,
we are aware
there is a woman shivering in fear in a home that is not safe
we are aware
there is a child begging his parent to stop fighting, to stop beating
we are aware
there is a man making promises he knows he can’t keep without help
we are aware
because your grace has changed our lives
we are aware
because your grace calls us to break these patterns of violence
we are aware
because your grace is working through us
we are aware.
-(C)2016 Nathan Decker worshipswake.wordpress.com

Invitation to New Life based on Luke 19


Christ our Lord invites himself to our Table

Calls us out of the sycamore tree, inspires us to charity.

Christ our Lord invites us to see the world differently.

Generously giving half of what we own,

Providing a path for the poor.

Christ our Lord invites us to live in peace with one another.

If we have cheated anyone, let us repay them four times!

We seek a life lived through justice.

We seek relationships filled with wholeness and peace.

Christ our Lord invites us to salvation,

to seek and save the lost.

Let us come down and dine with Christ!

Call To Worship from Psalm 24

The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it,

except what I have in my wallet,

                                   except my nest egg,

                                   except my house payment,

The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.

forgive us Lord when we withhold

                                   forgive us Lord when we depend on ourselves

                                                      rather than you

                                   forgive us Lord when we neglect

                                                   to give thanks for the means you have                                                                                 provided.

The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.

Praise the Lord of All, the King of Glory!

                                                                -©2015 Nathan Decker, Worship’s Wake

Begin the Fast

In the old days people would go for days, weeks, without eating.

Jesus in the desert.  Peter on the rooftop.  Paul in prison.

                   There is a part of us that knows why:

In giving up we gain,

                   In letting go we receive,

                   In the practice we find the presence.

                   So during these 40 days, Lord, ignite our spirits.

Limit our busy and our stuffy

                                that we find you in the fasting.


(C) 2015 Nathan Decker, Worship’s Wake

Isaiah 56:1-8 (Call to Worship)

Lord, We come as Dead Trees.

We bare no fruit.  We have no ability to create life apart from you.

Lord, We come as Strangers in a Strange Land.

Not one of us is originally from here.

Our ancestors came chasing herds, by accident, in hope,

by oppression, and in chains.

But Lord, We are here.

Plant us firmly in your rich soil.  Help us sprout goodness and mercy!

Lord, We are here.

Let us open the doors to the House of the Lord and Welcome All!

-(CC) 2014 Nathan Decker, www.worshipswake.wordpress.com

Giving God Our Nothing (Call To Worship August 2014)

                   Once, Jesus and his disciples were in the world, doing ministry:


Lord, send this crowd away.  It is getting late.  We’re all tired.

Blessed are those who have set their priority on the Kingdom.

                   But Lord, they’re starting to get hungry,

and we have nothing to feed them.



Well we do have two fish and some loaves of bread.

                   That’s nothing when you give it to this crowd!

                   Give me your nothing.

Why?  What will it amount to in this world of pain and misery?

                   Give me your nothing.

Are you sure you want to get involved with the needy? 

                   You know they’ll just come back for more, following the bread crumbs.

                   Give me your nothing.

Jesus, if we give up our lunch, then what will we eat in retirement?

                   Give me your nothing.

Yes, Lord.

                   If we give God our Nothing, then Something Kingdom will happen.