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Blessing of Men and Women in Law Enforcement

Blessing of Law Enforcement April 2016

Beloved Jesus,

You came down to serve, to protect, and to give your life to save another.

You served humanity, showing us love and sharing what we could be when shaped by that love.

You protected the weak, the abused, the outcasts, and those society have given up on – walking with the least and the worst.

You gave your live for the cause of those who didn’t deserve it, and we are eternally grateful for your gift.

Before us now are men and women who seek

to follow you

to serve and protect

and who daily place their lives in danger on behalf of our community.

Bless them, Savior.

Provide mercy and justice in each call they answer.

Protect them with the Armor of God in addition to body armor.

In those moments when quick decisions can change and save lives, Spirit, give that peace and practiced discernment of choosing right over wrong, love to conquer hate, and restrained force to rein in unrestrained behavior.

Lord, these men and women, especially today, endure such judgment and difficulty in completing the work set before them

give them patience, perseverance, and understanding

and let them know your presence in the patrol car, in the dispatch room, in the day and in the night.  You are the Lord who said you would always be with us, to the end of the age, Jesus.  Amen.

Remove the Curse

Lord of Blessing and

Redeemer who removes the curse of broken life:

Mark us as your children in the mercy that flows from you.

Brand us with your love that calls us to remembrance and observance.

Protect your flock, provide for their needs, and flood their lives with your presence.

For we desire to be more than believers.

Help us to follow you, Jesus,

so the sick may be healed

so the debt-chained may be freed

so all the world see you in us

Your spirit, Your Mark, Your Love

within and through Your Church.  Amen.

Cain’s Morning Prayer

Cain’s Morning Prayer
Great Judge and Lord of Justice:
you are righteous, we are unjust,
you are merciful, we are judgmental,
you offer the grace we need
and so often reject.
Move our hearts to your presence.
Forgive our unforgiving of others and ourselves.
Remind us that you have marked us
so we may recognize you, 
live forgiven lives,
and share our mark of mercy and grace,
through the one whose blood cleans and chooses us,

Call to Worship for Pentecost Sunday 2015

We are the Church of God.

And today is the unbabel of our time!

We are the Church for the poor and the rich!

We are the Church for the Native and the Immigrant!

We are the Church for the Boss and the Employee!

We are the Church for Justice, Mercy, and Grace!

We are the Church for the Powerful and the Powerless!

We are the Church for the Fool and the Wise!

We are the Church for Babies Crying and Old Folks Moaning!

We are the Church for Singles, Divorced, and Happily Married!

We are the Church for Straight and Gay!

We are the Church for the Prodigal Son and the Elder Sibling!

We are the Church for Sinners and Saints in the making!

We are the Church for you.

And also you.

We are the Church.  The Spirit Blows.

We are the Church.  The Spirit Alights.

We are the Church.  The Spirit Speaks.

-©2015 Nathan Decker, http://www.worshipswake.wordpress.com