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Rainbow Prayer

Holy God of Noah,

Whose love brought salvation to all from the floods of chaos and hatred:

In the Rainbow you gave your promise to all your creation-

A promise of love for the animals tall and small, spots and stripes, lion and lamb,

A promise of acceptance for the diversity and variety of your creation,

A promise of affirmation, belonging, and grace.

Like light shining through the prism,

Refract us to be the rainbow promise of love to the world.

Refocus our lives around your Gospel message of hope.

Redirect our vision to be the reflection of You, Jesus.

For you are the one who rises

Above the crowd’s violence,

Out of death’s dark tomb,

And to bring the rainbow light of resurrection, Amen.

-©2019, Nathan Decker, worshipswake.wordpress.com

Invitation to New Life based on Luke 19


Christ our Lord invites himself to our Table

Calls us out of the sycamore tree, inspires us to charity.

Christ our Lord invites us to see the world differently.

Generously giving half of what we own,

Providing a path for the poor.

Christ our Lord invites us to live in peace with one another.

If we have cheated anyone, let us repay them four times!

We seek a life lived through justice.

We seek relationships filled with wholeness and peace.

Christ our Lord invites us to salvation,

to seek and save the lost.

Let us come down and dine with Christ!