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Thank God it’s Sunday

Lord, we come looking for salvation.
We need peace, we need rest, we need a break!
Lord, save us from the constant doing and the forces that drive us to the brink.
We need peace.
Lord, quiet the voices of commotion that keep us in perpetual motion.
We need rest.
Lord, hold us in your arms to still our racing hearts.
We need a break.
Lord, we come looking for salvation,
(C)2018 Nathan Decker, worshipswake.wordpress.com

Prayer for God not to Forget

Lord, you know how busy we are.
We have work.  We have bills.
We have family.  We have friends.
We need a vacation from our vacations.
Not to mention all the ways we are busy serving
on committees, as volunteers, as servants.
Lord, you know how busy we are,
If we forget you, please do not forget us.  Amen.
-based on prayer of Sir Jacob Astley