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Worship for First Sunday of Lent 2019 “Temptation”

Call to Worship by Nathan Decker

God, we hunger for a word of guidance from you.

The desert winds have dried up our springs of hope.

The stones look like bread, and we throw them at the needy in our disillusion.

Our leap of faith suddenly feels like a fall from grace.

We have worshiped power.

We have failed to love one another.

We have failed to hear one another.

We have failed you.

But you Christ faced these temptations.

You refuted the twisting of scriptures.

You denied trusting in false hope.

You stood firm against the easy road.

Oh, God forgive us

and lead us to the love of Christ on the Cross.


Morning Prayer by Nathan Decker

Christ who came as God in the flesh

and faced down the temptations:

                Lead us to the true bread of love so that all are fed.

                Lead us to leap in our love of God and Neighbor so that all are welcome.

                Lead us to fall down and worship you instead of power.

For you gave up the power of heaven,

For you were unwelcome among us on earth,

For you were hungry and left to die.

Christ who came as God in the flesh

help us face down the temptations you have conquered.  Amen.

(C)2019, Nathan Decker, http://www.worshipswake.wordpress.com


Welcome Home – Call To Worship for Homecoming Sunday

Welcome Home

Home is not a building or a place we meet.

Home is not just where we came from.

Home is more than people and memories.

Home is more than sentimentality or traditions.

Home is toys on the floor.

Home is a mess in the kitchen.

Home is a welcome at the door.

Home is a hug of acceptance.

Home is the laughter around the table, bread and cup.

Home is remembering promises made in water and spirit.

Home is seeing where God is leading us

And going there together.

Welcome home to High Street UMC

where we welcome children, care for each other, and learn how to love.

Welcome Home.

Where we are better together.  Amen.

(C)2018 Nathan Decker,

Call to Worship 1 Peter 1:17-25

People of God, are you sure you want to do this?

We’ve come to follow the Resurrected One.

You know he welcomes you just as you are.

Christ welcomes us, all of us, just as we are.

You know he welcomes, and he transforms.

You won’t be the same if you follow this Christ.

We’ve come to follow the Resurrected One.

You sure you want to do this?

Are you ready to experience the Resurrection?

Rise, Christ, within us.

Transform our hearts until we love like you.

Renew our minds so we may see the Kingdom.

Heal our souls and make us whole.

Alright!  You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s follow the Resurrected One!

Let’s worship Jesus Christ!

Call to Worship based on Luke 15:11-32

We are lost sheep,
so God seeks and saves the lost.
We are a lost coin,
so God searches and rejoices when we are found.
We are the wayward son and daughter
so God welcomes us, and lets the past be the past.
We are the elder sibling, standing outside,
but God welcomes us in, challenges us to join
in this radical hospitality.
Let us receive and welcome and rejoice over one another in the name of Jesus Christ.

Call to Worship for Epiphany based on Genesis 1

From of Old, All know to come to you –

the poorest of shepherds to the richest of royalty

the wisest of astrologers to the common thief,

but we are afraid because coming to you means letting go.


Long ago you spoke active love into the stale stillness of non-existence,

and we refuse to listen

because to hear that love would shatter our apathy.

We hid in the darkness…

and you said, “Let there be light.”

We drowned ourselves in the chaos of the desert of meaninglessness

and you said, “Let there be land and sea.”

We sowed seeds of division in the garden,

burned the trees of truth and justice,

and slaughtered the lamb as if it were a lion:

and you said, “Let them be fruitful and multiply again and again.”

We denied being your children,

tried to hide our nakedness among the thorn bush,

and blamed you for our problems:

and you sent a child to bring all your children home.


And now New, to know you we come –

the poorest of mechanics to the richest of CEOs

the most studied professors to the dropouts,

and we are not afraid because coming to you means letting go.

Nathan Decker ©2014 Worship’s Wake

Isaiah 56:1-8 (Call to Worship)

Lord, We come as Dead Trees.

We bare no fruit.  We have no ability to create life apart from you.

Lord, We come as Strangers in a Strange Land.

Not one of us is originally from here.

Our ancestors came chasing herds, by accident, in hope,

by oppression, and in chains.

But Lord, We are here.

Plant us firmly in your rich soil.  Help us sprout goodness and mercy!

Lord, We are here.

Let us open the doors to the House of the Lord and Welcome All!

-(CC) 2014 Nathan Decker, www.worshipswake.wordpress.com